The Oatka Fish and Game Club, Inc. Bulletin Board

Special Annuncements and Updates


Club Calendar
Saturday, September 25, PATCH DRIVEWAY POTHOLES, 830am to 1130am. Let Darryl and Kevin patch the driveway holes, weather permitting.
Sunday, September 26, TRAIL CLEANUP WORK PARTY, 830am to 1130am. Our main objective will be to get the trails cleared and ready for hunting season which begins October 1st. Upon completion of our work, lunch will be provided to all who attend this event. I know that the Bills have a game that starts at 1pm...we should be done in plenty of time, so you won't miss a snap. Please mark your calendars and I hope to see many members on September 26th. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 768-4383. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
~~ John Driscoll (Patrol Chairman)
Saturday, October 2, Blizzard League opens at Holley
Tuesday, October 12, Board meeting, 7pm
Saturday, October 23, Blizzard League at Oatka

Firewood Available
There are logs at the back of the Archery Range that are available to members (free). Cut and trim what you want, just don't leave a mess for someone else to clean up. If the ground is not wet, you can drive back to load your vehicle, but please do not drag the logs out. Don Cook has asked "no more ruts please". Thanks for your cooperaion.

Hunting Reminders
The DECs new deer management plan is available to read or download on their site. There are a couple of interesting parts of it, and I would encourage everyone to check it out or at least look at the cover page of highlights.

The Genesee Foundation has given the OK for club members to hunt Foundation property for antlerless deer only again this year. Antlered deer can be hunted on Club property.

As you know, you need to complete the Hunter Orientation given by the club before you can hunt on the Foundation property. If you took the class in the last few years and have a card, you're all set. If it was long enough ago that you have a pin, then you need to take it again

We are looking for any members that would like to step up and assist with giving this training. Give Dave a call if you have any questions.

Classes for 2021 are scheduled as follows:

~~ Dave Adams,, 585-319-1246


Trap Range Calendar
Sunday, September 5, Open trap shooting, 1030am-1p (New day and hours) going forward

The 2021-2022 Blizzard League schedule can be found on the Calendar and Events page.


At the trap range we have a patterning board that is for Lead Bird Shot only! Do not use slugs, pistol rounds or buck shot as some damage has been done to the garage siding by ricochets. Also, if shooting at the plate, you should be standing near the driveway at the top of the hill.

September's Board meeting and Club meeting have been posted in the Club, as well as the July Game Management meeting.


Pistol Range???
There has been discussion around the clubhouse about the installation of a dedicated pistol range adjacent to the existing gun ranges.  Currently, the position of Range Chairperson is Jermey Riter.  If you are interested in the planning and installation of a pistol range, let one of the officers or board members know or come to one of the monthly meetings and offer your ideas to the membership.  With the way the ranges are set up now, the rifle and pistol ranges can only be used one at a time.  


When you come to the Club with a guest, please sign in with the guest's name. This is necessary for insurance purposes.

Soda pop is availble in the kitchen cooler. Cost is $1 per can or bottle. Please leave your money in the yellow basket.


Click on the link at the left, Fishing References, for a WNY Hatch Chart.

Welcome to the Oatka Fish and Game Homepage. The Oatka Fish and Game Club was established on December 20, 1947, and became incorporated on March 10, 1949. The Oatka Game Management Society Inc. was incorporated on March 2, 1993. The Club is located in Le Roy, New York on Oatka Creek. The club lodge provides a full kitchen, as well as a banquet hall, for members and guests.

The Club offers members year round fishing access, as well as trap, bow, and rifle ranges. There are also over 500 acres of land for hiking and hunting, available only to members and their families.

A full history of the Oatka Fish and Game Club can be seen by clicking here.
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